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    Supermodel Natalia Kozhenova in an exclusive photo shoot

    Actor and Supermodel Natalia Kozhenova in an exclusive photoshoot; Posing with a football, promoting FIFA world cup fever.

     Bollywood being always driven by sports never escape a chance to showcase their love for football. As the football season FIFA world cup flags off, the football world cup dominates most of the events and conversations.

    Actor and super model Natalia Kozhenova poses with a football promoting the fever of football.  Natalia being a adhere football addict gears up for FIFA in an exclusive sporty photoshoot.

    Ask her about her favorite player, she revels “I love sports especially football, I follow the game religiously. Since I am supporting Argentina, my favorite player is Lionel Messi. With Messi a part of FIFA I am very excited and looking forward to this world cup”.

    source: filmidhoom.com